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Marmaris Yacht Marin

Marmaris Yacht Marina, as most prestigious marina of Aegean and Mediterranean is one of the most important yachting and tourism centers at the same time. 

Our marina hosting increasing number of visitor yachts has an important place in international platform with its different service understanding. Most of the yachts visiting Aegean and Mediterranean coasts do not continue their journeys without visiting Marmaris Yacht Marina. 

It has been one of the marinas having biggest service capacity in the world by growing fast.

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We purpose to meet all needs of our guests in Marmaris Yacht Marina. You can get all kinds of services as park and maintenance of your yachts and boats, and resting, entertainment, nourishment and sport, security and shopping, accommodation and comfort, land, marine and air transportation of our guests.

It is 8 kms from city center on road, and 2 miles by seaway.

In our marina, Boat Maintenance Repair Unit rendering service with technical crew having experience over 20 years, pontoon and quay providing opportunity to moor at sea securely, heliport, continuous security and cleaning services during 24 hours, beach bar, restaurant, pub and cafeteria, health and sport center, open car park, library, nurse, men and women hair stylist, laundry, sauna and swimming pool, and playground and play room for little sailors in marina and also supermarket and stores for technical material sale in our marina having opportunities more than international standards.

It is the most suitable choice both for short or long term and for winter accommodation with your boat.

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